• TEAMWORK
Ownership — Every activity has an owner.  One owner.  This does not mean do it all yourself.  It means you are the one ultimately responsible.  Co-owners is NO owners.


Accountability — Accountability is everyone’s responsibility.  A successful organization is where a culture is created where everyone holds each other accountable.
Teamwork — Teamwork is understanding that we all are driving for the same goal. In business, we do not always agree.  Either agree, or agree to disagree and escalate.  Escalating when an issue arises where agreement is not present is not a sign of weakness, but rather furthering the teamwork towards a common organizational goal.


Communication — Communicate everything.  Nothing hidden.  The moment a problem occurs, communicate.  It is only business.  Do not take it personally.


Creating an Error-Free Environment  This does not mean that errors will not happen.  Rather, no error regardless of the size will be ignored.


That which can be measured can be achieved — The numbers tell a story.  Measure everything and then determine from the measurements where to take action.