Dian Daniel, Principal


Ms. Daniel brings more than 25 years of sales and sales management experience to growing organizations focused on strategic, cultural and employee development. Ms. Daniel, who started her career in the technology industry with more than $1 Billion dollars under account management for a Fortune 100 technology distributor was most recently the Global Vice President of Sales for a VIP Hospitality company growing sales from $40M to more than $100M in 2 years.

Ms. Daniel established both a business-to-consumer inbound and outbound sales model as well as a business-to-business account management model supported by data and account management technology platforms which she brought to the business.

Ms. Daniel brings an entrepreneurial background where she spent more than 10 years in real estate development and other commercial endeavors focused on cultural development. Prior to her most recent activities, Ms. Daniel served in various roles including purchasing, marketing, and business development for a major electronics manufacturer. Ms. Daniel holds a BA Degree in Advertising and Marketing and is a certified practitioner for Predictive Index, a talent optimization technology platform.

With a background in sales, marketing, and business development, Ms. Daniel brings a passion toward building teams, creating corporate culture and empowering and inspiring people to achieve their full potential.

Strategic thinker and visionary—A passion for driving predictive, scalable revenue and rapid growth based on data driven decisions.


Serial entrepreneurWith an expertise in business development and marketing and a passion for making an environmental and economic difference around the world.


Team buildingEmpowering and inspiring people to live a life they love, which translates to performance in the workplace.


Leadership development—Brings strong ability to drive communication in the organization to all levels so that people are heard and can deliver results that exceed expectation.  Teaching and mentoring leaders to deliver exceptional results.


Facilitation, group coaching and mentorship—Spending the last decade mastering the art of facilitating groups and providing both business and personal coaching and training that empowers and inspires people to move into action with velocity.